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The process of placing an ad is a simple one.  All we need is some basic information on yourself and the item(s) you intend to sell.  Please use the following list of points of interest that buyers need to know to make a buying decision.

1) Title of the piece.
2) Is it an Original? OR  What type of Reproduction?
3) Edition numbers on the piece and are original papers/certifications still available?
4) Condition and age of piece.
5) Dimension of the piece alone, and in frame.
6) Your asking price.
7) Your contact information:  Home/Work Phone & Email.

Here is our current pricing schedule:

6 month listing - per item $50.00
commission when sold 20%


Acrobat PDF Classified Ad Order Form.  You can click on the Acrobat PDF link to see if you have the proper software installed.   If you have the software loaded, the file will load automatically and all you need to do is print the form.  The Adobe Acrobat PDF file format is a great utility that allows you to view tax forms with the IRS, software manuals, publications and other useful items.   

If you would like to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software click on this link

Fill out the simple registration form and begin the download.  The EXE file is 3924K so it may take approximately 30 minutes on a 28.8K modem, but it's worth it!

Once the download is complete, click on the EXE file where you saved it and the software will finish installation.  That's it!

Now return to this site and download the Acrobat PDF Classified Ad Order Form

If you need help completing the form, you can either look at our current ads or contact us for assistance.  Once the ad is placed we will email you about the prospects that respond.  If we are unable to reach you with an email for whatever reason, we will call you at no charge. 

Please complete our form and send the appropriate payment with PHOTOS clearly labeled to the address listed below.

Please send all material to:
Art-Broker, LLC ~ P.O. Box 25643 ~ Honolulu, HI  96825


When it comes to selling your Art and Collectibles there is no better media than the internet when you factor in costs.  Art-Broker can provide you with a professional advertisement which includes, description, attractive photo display, easy to complete reply form, security through anonymity and fast prospect reply information. You can advertise an item for up to 6 months (182.5 days) for $50 with a picture!  And 20% commission when sold.

An advertisement in a newspaper could cost $30-$100+ for only one week and would not include a picture!  Then you need to take the calls, send out photo’s and open your house to strangers.  How many weeks of ads will it take?  How much money?  An important fact to consider is the vast majority of classified readers in the newspaper are NOT looking at the Art and Antiques section, they’re probably looking for a job or car.  You would not be focusing your attention on the market for art.

Art-Broker can reach millions around the world and our cost is only 27 cents per item, per day based on one ad costing $50 for 6 months (182.5 days) in our Classified section.  Compare that with $50 for 5 business days in a local newspaper and you get $10 per day.

You may find this link of value.. Proper Art Care

If you have ANY questions please email or call (877) 877-3116 toll free in USA or, (808) 395-3280.

Thank you!




Art-Broker reserves the right to reject any advertisement not meeting its standard of acceptance.  Publication of an advertisement does not constitute an agreement for continued publication after the original advertisement period has expired.

Advertising published in the Website is accepted on the premise that the merchandise offered are accurately described and willingly sold to customers at the advertised price.   Advertising that does not conform to these standards or that is deceptive or misleading is never knowingly accepted. Art-Broker is not liable for the advertisements placed or any transactions that result between the buyer and seller.  If any reader encounters non-compliance with these standards, we ask that you call (808) 395-3280 or email immediately.

All advertising packages are non-refundable.  Sellers may change their ad description 1 time during advertisement period.  Additional changes are $10 per item.  You are not allowed to replace items with new ones. 




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Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: 1-877-877-3116 Toll Free (US & Canada)
OR:  808-395-3280
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