"Night Anchor" and "Quiet Time" by James Coleman

"Night Anchor" & "Quiet Time" 
Original Oil Paintings by James Coleman


Night Anchor

Is a 30
" x 36" painting is flawless. 
Navy Blue Silk liners and Triple Koa wood frame
as shown above left.
Framed size is 44" x 50". 

Current Retail Cost is $12,500

Quiet Time

Is a 24
" x 24" painting is flawless. 
Teal Silk liner and Double Koa wood frame
as shown above right.
Framed size is 32" x 32". 

Current Retail Cost is $8,000

REDUCED FROM 17,500.00
Owner, asking
$9,995.00 for both + s/h, THIS WEEK ONLY!

Each Painting can be purchased separately, please inquire for pricing.

If you would like to purchase this fine art piece, please call 1-877-877-3116 Toll Free (USA & Canada)
or 1-808-395-3280. Or you may complete the form below and we will call you.




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