"Moonlit Dance" by Al Hogue

"MOONLIT DANCE"  by  John "Al" Hogue

# 122/150  Artist Proof Print
Limited Edition Iris Giclee Print on Canvas, With Hand Accenting
Fully framed as shown.

24" X 29" image size (framed size approx. 33" x 38")
In Mint Condition

Retail price in galleries is $3,600
Asking $2,900 + S/H.

Artist's inspiration for this image:  One day Al watched his 3 yr. old daughter, Brielle, ride on her
white rocking horse, humming to herself in perfect peace and contentment.  It reminded Al of
rhythmic ocean waves as she rode back and forth.  Like the toy horse, the ocean also calms
and relaxes his daughter when she plays on the beach.  To Al, the wild Arabian horse has
many similarities with the ocean, inspiring us with its nobility and power, while at the same
time, claming us with its sensitive grace and beauty.

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