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Dolphin.jpg (13299 bytes) "DOLPHINS"

5.6 feet x 5.3 feet  (68" x 64")
- one section of a 100 foot mural -
Framed in Hawaiian Koa Wood


$30,000 / o.b.o.

turtles.jpg (13873 bytes) "TURTLES"

6 feet x 6-1/2 feet  (72" x 80")
- one section of a 100 foot mural -
Framed in Hawaiian Koa Wood

$25,000 / o.b.o.




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History of the unique one-of-kind Original Mural "Dolphin Heaven":

In 1985, after completing his WHALING WALL #6 in Waikiki --   Wyland was commissioned by the owner of the world famous "Windows of Hawaii Revolving Restaurant"  atop the Ala Moana Shopping Center.  Wyland painted a 6 Foot high x 100 Foot long Marine Life mural to adorn the inside wall of the revolving dinning room.  Wyland air brushed the canvas sections in public at Center Stage within the Ala Moana shopping center.  Completion was three months.

When the canvas sections were completed, they were taken up to the restaurant for installation.  The completed mural was entitled "Dolphin Heaven".   When the restaurant closed, individual sections were framed and stored.   Now, 17 years later, these sections are available for sale.  To our knowledge, "Dolphin Heaven" is the only mural of its type - airbrushed like his Whaling Walls - and the largest on canvas, painted by Wyland for indoor use and a private individual.

NOTE:  Titles of the individual sections have been assigned by the current owner for ease in displaying them on the internet. 

Remember that they are large sections from an even larger mural.  Each section is hand signed and dated by Wyland. 

Owner wishes to sell one section at this time, and allows you to choose which one you like best out of the two. Owner will consider discussions on the set.  Please use the form below, commenting on which section you are most interested in.  Mahalo.


If you would like to purchase any one of these original fine art pieces,
please complete the form below or call (808) 395-3280  or  Toll Free (877) 877-3116.




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